Lab Members

Post Doc

Dr. Donghan Ma (co-mentored by Fang Huang)

BS: Tsinghua University

PhD: Tsinghua University


Research Interest: Donghan mainly works on the instrumentation of single molecule localization micrscopy and super resolution imaging of whole cells and kinds of complex biological tissues. She is interested in different optical setups of microscopy.

Fun Fact: Twin Sister

Dr. Shiyan Wang

BS: University of Science and Technology of China

PhD: University of Notre Dame


Research Interest: Dr. Wang’s research focus on the modeling effort of biophysics (e.g. polymer) and statistical mechanics.  He is also apply the integrated analysis of DEG & DMR to study the effect of atrazine on zebrafish revealing the neurological pathways.

Fun Fact: Toy Poodle Owner

Graduate Student

Shichen Wu

BS: Zhejiang University, Macromolecular Science and Engineering


Research Interest: DNMT1 mutations and their effect on neuron development and functionality

Fun Fact: Lyrics Writer

Junkai Xie

BS: Purdue University, Chemical Engineering


Research Interest: Understand gene environmental interactions using novel single cell and omic tools

Fun Fact: Violinist, Outdoor Enthusiast

Han Zhao

BS: University of Science and Technology of China, Chemistry


Research Interest: Cancer drug resistance, multi-organelle interactome

Fun Fact: Corgi Owner, can eat a lot!

Undergraduate Student

Xihui Zhao

Biomedical Engineering


Fun Fact: British shorthair owner, Sichuan masterchef

Matthew Chan

Agricultural & Biological Engineering


Fun Fact: Enjoy Rock Climbing

Moses Hamm

Biomedical Engineering


Fun Fact: Love Weight-lifting

Hailey Szadowski

Biological Engineering


Fun Fact :  Crafting, Been to India twice

Boheng Zhao

Electrical & Computer Engineering + Computer Science


Fun Fact: Once spent 3 weeks in a secluded village

Xinle Zhang

Chemical Engineering


Fun Fact: Speak 4 Languages, Amateur Photographer, Webpage Designer