Prof. Chongli Yuan

Chongli Yuan, Ph.D

Charles Davidson Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering

Associate Editor of Science Advances

Faculty Profile | Biosketch

B.S., East China University of Science and Technology, 2002

Ph.D., Cornell University, 2007

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, ETH, Zurich, 2007-09


Dr. Yuan is Davidson Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Purdue University. She was trained as a chemical engineer and biophysicist, her primary area of research is to develop engineering tools and algorithm to understand the effects of external stress, including drugs and environmental chemical exposures, on human health. Dr. Yuan is particularly interested in integrating information from multi-dimensional measurements, such as omics, imaging and clinical data, to understand the complex interaction network that drive the establishment a novel phenotype. She has been PIs on multiple NSF grants that aim to develop novel bioengineering tools to monitor and/or recapitulate complex biological systems. Her group was also funded by US Army, and several research foundations.